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Hello! Welcome to my website!

My name is Adam Fields and I am an Actor/Singer/Mover living it up in Orlando, Florida and having a wonderful time!

Since I was a little kid I always dreamed of singing. I grew up watching Michael Ball, Ramin Karimloo and Colm Wilkinson perform on my dad's DVDs and I fell in love with the power of the male voice. 

The only thing that stopped me from pursuing that love was my love of football. I know, CRAZY! I started playing football at 7 years old and I decided that was going to be my life. I found out the hard way that was not my true passion and I eventually stumbled into the theater and never turned back!

I have been acting for 4 years now but I have been so blessed to have been surrounded by some of the best talent Florida has to offer and I've absorbed every bit I can.

I feel so lucky to have the ability to work in an environment where all stories can be told in a positive and honest way.

I like to try to work and live by one of my favorite quotes from my favorite movie, Everything, Everywhere, All at Once:

"Be Kind. Especially when we don't know what's going on."

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